6 tips and tricks to choose your football shoes properly

6 tips and tricks to choose your football shoes properly

6 tips and tricks to choose your football shoes properly

For those who love football, the choice of cleats is crucial. Given the multitude of models available on the market, both new and second-hand cleats, it is not easy to make the right choice. Here are a few tips to help you find the right pair of cleats.

Know your shoe size

To choose your football shoe optimally, it is essential to know your shoe size. How to choose your football shoes and choose the right size? You have to determine your size before you go to the shoe shop:

Once the measurement is made, add a margin of 1.5 cm and you will get a result that will be called R. Here are now your sizes. Your European size will be calculated with the formula: R/0.667. The English size will be calculated with the formula: R/0.667: (Rx3)/2.54 25.By following these formulas, you can easily determine your size and choose an optimal shoe.

Knowing your shoe size is not enough to have a well-fitting football shoe. The width of the shoe is essential and depends on the width of the foot. The width of the shoe, also known as the metatarsal width, is calculated with the dimensions of the front sole of the foot. The height of the instep and the circumference of the foot should be measured at the point where the width is maximum (metatarsophalangeal joint). The width of the shoe is identified by the letters A to I.

It’s important to know your foot width and choose your crampon accordingly to avoid any inconvenience. Wear the football shoe and see if your foot fits well inside. If the shoe is too wide and your heel lifts out of the shoe, it can create blisters. Similarly, a crampon that’s too narrow will create foot pain and the shoe will be damaged quickly.

Consider the size of the cleat

Have you ever seen a football player stumble during his run without any contact ? This is not an uncommon scene and sometimes results in knee, ankle or foot injuries. If a player falls and gets injured without being hit, it is the player’s spike that is at fault. That is why the size of the spike is important. There are long and short spikes that are used in football.

Long crampon or short crampon?

The strength of the pressure of the supports increases with the length of the stud. long studs have a higher level of gravity, so the foot can remain stuck in the ground when the player is not expecting it. that is why long studs are usually involved in the most serious injuries. therefore, they should be used on muddy or greasy ground. short studs sink much less into the turf. injuries caused by this type of stud are often minor.


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